Input method of Voxel-Horizon

[Keyboard input]

  • ‘Z’ key : change the weapon or ‘Editing voxel mode’ by pressing the ‘Z’ key.
  • W/S/A/D : You can move by pressing WSAD key.
  • Space : Jump.
  • Enter  :  Enter chat mode. After entering the text, the chat mode is automatically turned off.
  • TAB key : Switches between UI mode and game mode. In UI mode, mouse cursor is displayed.
  • CTRL + F8 : Reset player’s position.

[Keyboard input in Edit mode]

  • < : In Voxel edit mode, reduce the size of the brush.
  • > : In Voxel edit mode, increase the size of the brush.
  • Numeric key 2: Switch to coloring mode. You can paint the voxels every each time  you click the mouse.
  • Numeric key 3: Switch to voxel add mode. You can add the voxels every each time  you click the mouse.
  • Numeric key 4: Switch to voxel removal mode. You can remove the voxels each time you click the mouse.
  • Numeric key 0: Switches to selecting mode the voxel object.
  • Direction keys (Up/Down/Left/Right) : Select color of palette in coloring mode.

[XBOX Controller]

  • Left Thumb : Move.
  • Right Thumb :  Adjust the direction. Holding the left thumb and moving the right thumb will rotate the camera around my character.
  • LB /RB : Change the mounted weapon or tool.
  • RT : Fire weapons / Edit the voxel.
  • D-Pad A : Jump
  • D-Pad X : Changes the edit mode of the voxel.
  • D-Pad Up/Down/Left/Right : When you are in voxel coloring mode, choose a color from the color palette.


  • You can adjust the direction by moving the mouse.
  • Move the mouse wheel to zoom the camera.
  • Holding down the mouse wheel button moves the camera around the character.