Voxel Horizon for Desktop Bridge

[About Desktop Bridge App]
Voxel Horizon supports both win32 and UWP versions.
The current win32 version is distributed as Destkop Bridge App. This is a win32 application packaged in AppX so it can be uploaded to the Windows Store.
Unlike traditional win32 apps, this is completely sandboxed on your PC. It has a virtual, independent file system and registry. It does not pollute your storage and registry.
But developers can not freely upload the Destkop Bridge app to the Windows Store at this time. App must be certified by Microsoft.
So I am distributing the Destkop bridge app as a zipped file. You need to do a little work to install this app.


[How to install]

1) Settings -> For developers -> Developer mode <- check

2) Unextract the downloaded file. Right click on the .cer file.

3)Select ‘Local Machine’

4) Place all certificates in the following store -> Browse

5) Select ‘Trusted People’. ‘Trusted Publishers’ is not.

6) Certificate installation is completed.

7) Double-click the .appxbundle file.

8)Press install button.

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