Voxel Horizon Ver 0.1 release

[Download for Pure UWP build]

[Download for Desktop Bridge build]

[Run the app]
The first time the app is run, it will take some time to compile the HLSL shaders. From the second run it runs very fast.

[Sign in to MS Live Account]
This game does not require membership. Use MS Live Account instead.
When you first run the game, you must log in with your MS Live Account. You should also allow this app to access your email information. Email is used as the account name in this game.

[Connect to server]
The screen then switches to the server selection screen.
It may take some time to get a list of servers. The Azure Web site is asleep and takes a while to wake up.

This game requires a dedicated server. There are currently two servers available.
Please use two servers below Virtual Server.
If you are testing locally, select Virtual Server.

If you wait 30 seconds or more and the list of servers is not displayed, please close and restart the app.

[Character generation]
When you run the game for the first time, you must create a character. You can create up to 3 characters. Click the Create button to create a character.
Press OK to access the world.

[Keyboard input]

  • ‘Z’ key : change the weapon or ‘Editing voxel mode’ by pressing the ‘Z’ key.
  • W/S/A/D : You can move by pressing WSAD key.
  • Space : Jump.
  • Enter  :  Enter chat mode. After entering the text, the chat mode is automatically turned off.
  • TAB key : Switches between UI mode and game mode. In UI mode, mouse cursor is displayed.
  • CTRL + F8 : Reset player’s position.

[Keyboard input in Edit mode]

  • < : In Voxel edit mode, reduce the size of the brush.
  • > : In Voxel edit mode, increase the size of the brush.
  • Numeric key 2: Switch to coloring mode. You can paint the voxels every each time  you click the mouse.
  • Numeric key 3: Switch to voxel add mode. You can add the voxels every each time  you click the mouse.
  • Numeric key 4: Switch to voxel removal mode. You can remove the voxels each time you click the mouse.
  • Numeric key 0: Switches to selecting mode the voxel object.
  • Direction keys (Up/Down/Left/Right) : Select color of palette in coloring mode.

[XBOX Controller]

  • Left Thumb : Move.
  • Right Thumb :  Adjust the direction. Holding the left thumb and moving the right thumb will rotate the camera around my character.
  • LB /RB : Change the mounted weapon or tool.
  • RT : Fire weapons / Edit the voxel.
  • D-Pad A : Jump
  • D-Pad X : Changes the edit mode of the voxel.
  • D-Pad Up/Down/Left/Right : When you are in voxel coloring mode, choose a color from the color palette.


  • You can adjust the direction by moving the mouse.
  • Move the mouse wheel to zoom the camera.
  • Holding down the mouse wheel button moves the camera around the character.


  • You can use the Rocket launcher and bare hands.
  • If you press the ‘3’ key with bare hands, the voxel is added. If you Press the ‘4’ key to remove the voxel.
  • Launching a rocket launcher can destroy the voxels.
  • You can attack other players, but this feature is currently off. No other player is attacked.

[Restrictions on voxel editing]

  • The size of the editing area is limited to 32m (w) x 256m (h) x 32m (d) per player.
  • The size of the voxel object is 4m x 4m x 4m.
  • There are four types of voxel object precision: 1×1, 2×2, 4×4, and 8×8.
  • There are four types of voxels: 50cm x 50cm, 1m x 1m, 2m x 2m, and 4m x 4m depending on the precision.